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Egypt, The Book of the Dead History - Planet Doc Full Documentaries

2017-04-15 36 Dailymotion

The ancient Egyptians believed that no sky, Earth, gods, men, animals or plants existed before creation. There was only an immense void they called Nun that contained Atum, the beginning of all things.
In the nineteenth century, a curious papyrus was found in the excavations of ancient Thebes, in which Ra himself describes his own creation.
The Bremner-Rhind papyrus and the primitive texts of the pyramids were the first representations of the Egyptians on the world's creation and the origins of the gods.
In their eagerness to understand the world around them, the Egyptians started to build a complex magical universe. From the texts of the pyramids, written around 2.350 BC, the scribes and priests started to update the texts in accordance with the evolution of the religious ideas, until the Book of the Dead came about in 1.300 BC.

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