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LoL Moments - League of Legends - Support Taric Carry? + Bonus Clip ! - S5 #7

2012-11-15 124 Dailymotion

I will now be doing $25 RP Monthly giveaway for my LoL Moments series! Refer to this video for more info:

NOTE: For Season 5, I am running it throughout ALL SUMMER, and at the END I will make one big video showcasing the top moments where you guys will decide the winner!

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Welcome to my LoL Moment series, this is where I will be showcasing funny, awesome, fail moments done by me, my friends, or the subs! I will be trying to upload these daily, so be sure to send in your clips to get featured!

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Be sure to include the start/end time of the moment, your summoner name, the champion you played, and a short description of what happens!
Keep in mind I put properly submitted e-mails first, also a catchy title will UP your chances!

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