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Beyblade Episode 47 A Lesson For Tyson

Beyblade V-Force - Tyson vs Ozuma (Tyson's Lesson)

Ozuma teaches Tyson a Lesson that a Beyblade/Bitbeast can Have To much Power.He abviously had no Chance WHAT SO EVER. LOL! An Epic Badass Villain ''Snakey'' P...

2015-10-03 03:21 64 Dailymotion

Beyblade V-Force - Tyson vs Robot Beyblade

Tyson vs Kane. Episode 51: Destiny of The Final Battle It is revealed that Zeo is a robot and Kenny deduces he will try to defeat Tyson before his entire body ...

2015-09-24 04:46 127 Dailymotion

Kai vs tyson beyblade


2006-10-10 01:24 3,804 Dailymotion

Beyblade - Tyson vs Alexander

Clash Of The Tyson. The conclusion of the battle between Tyson and Alexander. But whos the mysterious Boris, and what does he have to do with Kai? Os Bladebre...

2015-10-05 04:42 29 Dailymotion

Beyblade - Tyson vs Oliver

Unsere Freunde sind noch immer in Paris und sind getrennt unterwegs. Kenny und Tyson wollen in den Louvre gehen. Doch der wurde von Oliver komplett ... Art Att...

2015-10-10 06:58 71 Dailymotion